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TV & Online Comedy Sketch Writing (GREEN) with Chris Head

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TV & Online Comedy Sketch Writing: GREEN course

On the course, you will be inspired to write lots of new sketches and you'll enhance your sketch writing skills. Each week takes a different theme and in the Zoom sessions we watch, analyse and discuss a wide range of comedy sketches from TV and online to uncover techniques and approaches. In 'Green' we'll watch and analyse sketches from Catherine Tate, League of Gentlemen, Key & Peele, Tracey Ullman, Mitchell & Webb, Chris Morris, Fry & Laurie, SNL, Harry Enfield, Fast Show, Peter Cook & Dudley Moore, Smack the Pony, Chris Morris, Armstrong & Miller, Little Miss Jocelyn and more. There'll also be creative exercises in the class to get your ideas flowing. This is all a springboard to you writing your own brand new sketches.

In GREEN you'll work on:
- Creating characters based on people you personally know and people you have observed.
- Parodying famous people in sketches.
- Creating comedy from high-status characters by undercutting them in a range of ways.
- Writing parody sketches of TV shows.
- Writing a sequence of running sketches; discover how to keep refreshing your ideas to generate multiple sketches with the same character(s).

You'll also be taught/ reminded of the nuts and bolts of sketch writing:
- Point-of-view, voice-of-reason and reasonable/unreasonable behaviour in sketches
- Finding and playing the 'game' of a sketch
- Structuring sketches (using my SREP model).

Each class ends with a number of inspiring writing briefs for you to choose between and you write and share your script before then next class. Ahead of the next class, you'll receive personal, written feedback and guidance on the sketches you produce from Chris and the group. A Trello board accompanies the course with background information and resources. Then after each session, on the board, you will receive a video of the entire class, follow up notes and this space also becomes a forum for sharing comedy sketches, tips, info and for supporting and inspiring each other.

Leave the course with new sketches, enhanced writing skills and connections with a bunch of great comedy people.

For more about the RED, GREEN, BLUE series of courses, see below.

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More about the RED, GREEN, BLUE series of courses

This is part of a series of TV & Online sketch comedy writing coures. Since you don't need to do them in any particular order, rather than numbering them I have named them RED, GREEN and BLUE (after the colours that make up TV pictures). This is GREEN which will run again from January 2022 - dates to be announced. The whole programme adds up to a uniquely comprehensive sketch writing training.

This is when they run. You can jump in at any point.

RED: Term 1 (starting Sept)

GREEN: Term 2 (starting January)

BLUE: Term 3 (starting June)

RADIO: Various times - you can also take this course in radio/ podcast sketch writing to add to your skill set and to expand your creative imagination.

BLUE and RED are booking now for 2021. All the courses cover the fundamentals of sketch writing and each one explores different angles on creating sketches. All of them inspire and get you writing.


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