DAFTAS 2022 winners announced

Friday 15th April 2022, 7:10pm

The winners of the 2022 DAFTAS Awards have been announced. The competition sees creative teams filming spoofs of BAFTA-nominated movies. The creations must be shot in only two days and on a budget of £200 or less.

The organisers confirm: "The DAFTAStic Awards ceremony took place for the third year earlier this week [13th April]. Held at the iconic Museum of Comedy, the ceremony celebrated the best spoof of BAFTA-Nominated films. Shortlisted Team Leaders, comedy creators and comedy fans alike were present as well as some of the esteemed DAFTAS judges.

"Co-hosted by comedians Ruairi McInerney and Kat Bond, the one and a half hour affair was filled with fun and laughter as the organisers celebrated the best of comedy creativity on a shoe-string budget."

The founder of The DAFTAS, Tamara Orlova, comments: "It was great to see such wide range of film submissions this year. Our judges were impressed with the overall quality of films submitted. It was also interesting to see just how the opinions of judges have split on some of the awards, It was a really tough competition this year."

The following spoofs won awards:

Last Night in Yeovil (James Murphy)

DAFTAS 2022 - Last Night in Yeovil

- Best Writing

- Best Editing

- Best Spoof

Adam Ferdinandi - Original Music
Ian Clarke - Colour & VFX
Caroline Leony - Choreography
Kate Eva Designs, Carol Murphy - Costume
Katy Owens - Script Edits
James Murphy, Alice Moore - Producers
James Murphy - Writer / Director

Katie Owens - Ellie
Caroline Leony - Sandie
Peter Klein - Simon Halfunkel
Firas Wahhab - Patron 1
Patrick O'Leary - Patron 2
John Ward - Patron 3
Carol Murphy - Present Barmaid
Kate Murphy - Past Barmaid
Alice Moore, Alex Meredith - 80's Mum Ghost

Behind the House of Gucci (Artie Brennan)

DAFTAS 2022 - Behind the House of Gucci

- Best Male Actor (Artie Brennan)

- Best Marketing

Artie Brennan - Director
Timmy Brennan - DoP

Kristen Brennan - MUA
Anthony Giordano - Maurizio
Allyson Condrath - Patricia
Jessica Ritacco - Pina
Artie Brennan - Paolo

Last Night in Boho (Bec Wallen Boru)

DAFTAS 2022 - Last Night in Boho

- Best Costume Design

- Best Female Actor

John Allan - DoP
James Stevenson - Editor & Producer
Bec Wallen Boru - Write, Director, Producer
Matthew Burns - Music

Bec Wallen Boru - Ellie, Ellie's Mum, Jack, Young Sandy
Sue Burns - Old Sandie
James Stevenson - Ghost Voices

Freestyle Cowboy Showdown (Liam Taylor)

DAFTAS 2022 - Freestyle Cowboy Showdown

- Best Cinematography

- Best Trailer

Liam Taylor - Writer, Director
Michelle Siu - Cinematography
Richard Jackson - DoP
Liz Gallagher - Location Manager
Laura Elmer - Producer, AD
Taylor Gorske - Editor

Adam Al-Janabi - Billy Blaze
Duncan Casey - Diamond Casey
Ben Pierson - Phil Burbank
Gabriel Bowker - Sticky Pete
Kristen Goldstone - Hank Wazchowski
Assem Nugamanuva - Clayton Obadiah and Kat Bayley
Liz Gallagher - Minnie Decker
Liam Taylor - The Cow

Belfast - The Divide (Malcolm Modele)

DAFTAS 2022: Belfast - The Divide

- Best Director

- You're Simply The Best

Malcom Modele - Director, Cinematographer
Marek Lichtenberg - Producer
Ike Rannap - Composer
Unity Vision / Malcolm Modele - Editor / Colour
Zina Win-Lemmers - Production Manager
Aurie James - 1st AD
Daisy Louve - Second Recordist

Rachel Rose - Willi
Alfie Cooper - Billi
Shane Finlayson - Sean
Conor Field - Pa (trick)
Marek Lichtenberg - CLP Morris

Beach (James Alexander Allen)

DAFTAS 2022 - Beach

- Best Original Score

James Alexander Allen - Director, Writer, Editor
Danielle Joy - Producer
Chris Martin - DoP
Dan Mellins-Cohen - Sound Recordist
Adam House - Original Score

Freddie Hill - Paul
Lena Richardson - Jessica
Luke Martin - Leto
Seerche Deveraux - Chani
Wayne Liversidge - Glossu / Guard

The films will next be screened on the 15th May as part of the Brighton Fringe. Info & Tickets

The DAFTAS will return in 2023. For updates, see daftas.org

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