Non-narrative comedy

Image shows from L to R: Ivor Baddiel, Claire Zolkwer, Mark Dolan

Here's an interesting hour-long video of a panel discussion on the topic of non-narrative comedy; the job of inserting humour into entertainment shows, variety formats, panel shows, prank shows and other non-scripted formats.

Mark Dolan leads the discussion, giving insight himself on what it's like to present prank shows and panel shows.

Claire Zolkwer - who at the time this was recorded, at our 2013 conference, was Head of Entertainment and Comedy at ITV (she now runs her own company, Thunderclap Media) - gives honest insights from a commissioning point of view.

Plus, Ivor Baddiel, who has written for many of the top entertainment shows, talks in detail about what that job involves.

This frank discussion covers a number of interesting subjects: how ITV helped develop Keith Lemon's formats; why it is so important to match a channel's 'tone' when pitching; the easy and tricky bits of putting words into other people's mouths when writing links for entertainment shows; the importance of teamwork; and more. Enjoy!

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Published: Thursday 11th April 2019