British Comedy Guide

My Comedy Career

An interview column, in which UK comedy professionals share insights and tips with BCG Pro readers.

  1. James Gill. Copyright: Andy Hollingworth.

    James Gill

    • 15th September 2021

    Writer and stand-up comedian James Gill has been fronting the award-winning Always Be Comedy shows for 10 years now. We caught up with him to find out how he got into comedy, and how he is currently navigating the industry.

  2. Jonathan Paul Green.

    Jonathan Paul Green

    • 19th August 2021

    You've probably seen the words "Production Designer" in the credits of television comedy shows, but do you know what this important role involves? Jonathan Paul Green has kindly agreed to explain more...

  3. Nat Saunders.

    Nat Saunders

    • 21st July 2021

    Comedy creator Nat Saunders talks about the importance of tenacity, how every new show is a struggle to get off the ground, why bullying in the industry is a real hot topic for him, and more.

  4. Ariane Sherine.

    Ariane Sherine

    • 19th June 2021

    Ariane Sherine shares with us what she has learnt whilst working as a writer and podcaster. Her honest answers are very interesting to read.

  5. John-Luke Roberts.

    John-Luke Roberts

    • 4th June 2021

    Comedian John-Luke Roberts - who has just launched a new podcast called Sound Heap - talks about the importance of patience, overcoming disappointment and sticking to your guns.

  6. Andy White.

    Andy White

    • 14th May 2021

    Jesterlarf Comedy Club promoter Andy White is currently organising July's massive Cambridge Comedy Festival, which is set to feature more than 150 comedians. We talk to him about how he got started as a promoter, his tips for running a good gig, and more.

  7. Moray Hunter.

    Moray Hunter

    • 2nd April 2021

    With the third series of Alone, the gag packed sitcom he writes for Radio 4, returning to the airwaves this week, we talk to comedy writer, performer and Absolutely star Moray Hunter to find out more about his comedy life.

  8. Danny Posthill.

    Danny Posthill

    • 19th March 2021

    We talk to stand-up comedian and impressionist Danny Posthill to find out more what life is like as a full time comedian.

  9. Leah Henry.

    Leah Henry

    • 12th March 2021

    TV producer Leah Henry talks about creating BBC Three comedy PRU and working for the forward-thinking Fully Focused Productions. She has some really interesting advice to share about how to start working in TV, and opinions on what the industry needs to do to be better.

  10. Jan Etherington.

    Jan Etherington

    • 30th January 2021

    Jan Etherington has been writing sketches and sitcoms since the 1980s. After a sea swimming session (she goes every day!), Jan kindly gave us her time to answer our My Comedy Career questions.

  11. Paul Powell.

    Paul Powell

    • 20th January 2021

    We were thrilled Paul Powell agreed to take on our My Comedy Career questions. As an experienced panel show and sitcom writer and producer, he has lots of great insight and advice to share.

  12. Andy Goddard.

    Andy Goddard

    • 8th January 2021

    Producer and sound editor Andy Goddard has shared some really brilliant thoughts and advice within his answers to our My Comedy Career questions.

  13. Carla Speight.

    Carla Speight

    • 4th December 2020

    Photographer, publicist, writer, agent and promoter Carla Speight talks about how tenacity, resilience and self confidence are vital attributes to have as a freelancer working in comedy.

  14. Paul Kerensa.

    Paul Kerensa

    • 19th November 2020

    To make it full-time in comedy you need to work hard and be adaptable. Stand-up comedian and comedy writer Paul Kerensa's brilliant answers to our My Comedy Career questions really emphasise that point.

  15. Steve Hewlett.

    Steve Hewlett

    • 6th November 2020

    Celebrated comic ventriloquist Steve Hewlett stopped by at the start of lockdown 2.0 to give BCG the full run-down of his busy career.

  16. Vikki Stone.

    Vikki Stone

    • 14th October 2020

    Here's a really great interview in which Vikki Stone explains and demonstrates why it's good to have a diverse range of skills and projects, rather than trying to put all your eggs in one basket.

  17. Katie Pritchard.

    Katie Pritchard

    • 3rd October 2020

    Katie Pritchard does - deep breath - musical comedy, acting, music, singing, writing, improv, art, design, and more. She has some great thoughts on how collaboration helps make projects great.

  18. Joel Stern.

    Joel Stern

    • 15th September 2020

    Actor and writer Joel Stern established himself in the comedy industry via a series of hit viral online comedy sketches. Here he talks about the ups and downs of financing web series, and keeping activities aligned and focused.

  19. Luke Nixon.

    Lukie Nixon

    • 10th September 2020

    Lukie Nixon, co-director of podcast company Snipper Nixon, juggles his time between producing audio shows and performing stand-up comedy. He discusses late night edits, the importance of being nice to production runners, and more.

  20. Steve Doherty.

    Steve Doherty

    • 25th August 2020

    Steve Doherty is one of the most experienced comedy producers working in radio. In this interview we hear about his career highlights and lowlights, getting some great tips and insight along the way.

  21. Sam Underwood.

    Sam Underwood

    • 24th July 2020

    As he explains, Sam Underwood does all kinds of things within the world of TV comedy, and thus doesn't have a set job title. His multi-role approach has meant he's picked up lots of tips for creating comedy - which he shares here.

  22. Verona Rose.

    Verona Rose

    • 17th July 2020

    Actor and writer Verona Rose talks to us about the importance of being in the right head-space for an audition, how creativity can strike at 4am, and why you need a thick skin to work in comedy.

  23. Anna Morris.

    Anna Morris

    • 30th June 2020

    Anna Morris is a comedian, writer and actor. You may have seen her sell-out one-woman character comedy shows at the Edinburgh Fringe; on Channel 4 in Lee And Dean; or in a multitude of hit online sketches. Here, she talks openly about her craft and career to date.

  24. Joz Norris. Copyright: Steve Ullathorne.

    Joz Norris

    • 21st June 2020

    Joz Norris has been writing and performing comedy on the stage, online, on screens and on the wireless. In this in-depth interview he gives some insight into how he works.

  25. Gemma Arrowsmith.

    Gemma Arrowsmith

    • 21st May 2020

    Writer and actor Gemma Arrowsmith discusses how being able to handle rejection is imperative if you want to work in comedy.

  26. Daniel Berg.

    Daniel Berg

    • 14th May 2020

    Daniel Berg, CEO of comedy streaming company NextUp, talks about his job. Along the way, he gives tips on project management tools, how to maintain a work-life balance, and how to start out in the comedy industry.

  27. Julian Hall.

    Julian Hall

    • 7th May 2020

    Writer and publicist Julian Hall gives us some insight into what his job is like.

  28. Christine Rose.

    Christine Rose

    • 1st May 2020

    Over the last decade and a half you're likely to have seen the name 'Christine Rose' appearing in the end credits of many TV comedy shows. Here we chat to the prolific gag writer to find out how she got started, and what it is like to be a joke writer in the world of TV entertainment.

  29. Bilal Zafar.

    Bilal Zafar

    • 16th April 2020

    Bilal Zafar talks about the importance of sticking at something, how late payments for gigs are a problem, and how's been proactive in creating a new web series.

  30. Richard David-Caine.

    Richard David-Caine

    • 10th April 2020

    Writer and performer Richard David-Caine talks about his career, and discusses how anxiety can impact on performers' confidence.

  31. Ashley Blaker. Copyright: Steve Ullathorne.

    Ashley Blaker

    • 3rd April 2020

    Stand-up comedian and TV and radio producer Ashley Blaker talks about the importance of backing yourself in whatever way you can. Plus, the greatest excuse he heard from a TV commissioning editor.

  32. Nathaniel Tapley. Copyright: Idil Sukan.

    Nathaniel Tapley

    • 6th February 2020

    Comedian, writer and producer Nathaniel Tapley has some advice on working with as many people as possible, and ensuring you retain ownership of your comedy projects.

  33. Sarah Henley.

    Sarah Henley

    • 17th January 2020

    NextUp Comedy's Chief Operating Officer talks to us about the skills you need to succeed in the comedy industry.

  34. Stuart Laws.

    Stuart Laws

    • 15th December 2019

    Writer, producer, director and performer Stuart Laws talks about his comedy career. "Remember that everything brilliant is made by a team not an individual."