My Comedy Career: Yiannis Vassilakis

Yiannis Vassilakis

Over the last year, actor, writer and producer Yiannis Vassilakis has been releasing consistently great online sketches. Here're his answers to our My Comedy Career questions...

Tell us what you do in your job.

Behind the scenes, I've written and/or produced a fair bit of comedy for various broadcasters/companies/agencies etc. In front of the scenes, I've appeared - and subsequently disappeared - in a few bits of Film & TV too; including a short-form sitcom I created with the incredible Stuart Laws and Turtle Canyon.

In the last year I've started producing my own content and releasing it online.

How did you first get involved in the comedy industry?

At 21 I applied for all sorts of post-graduate schemes including (what I think American Footballers call) a 'Hail Mary' of an application to BBC Comedy, containing a slightly unhinged and feverishly-typed treatise on the merits of Mr Bean (having unsuccessfully...

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