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Toby Williams.

Making an award-winning short

Starring, with animation and co-edited by Toby Williams, short film She Monster has been named Best Short at the inaugural NOLO Film Festival. Exclusively for BCG Pro, Toby talks about taking eight years to make the short.

I first met director Ben Mallaby in 2011 working on a short film written by and starring Nat Luurtsema, who I'd know for a few years from the stand-up circuit. It was a really fun shoot - the film Island Queen went on to be nominated for the BAFTA for Best Short Film - so we were keen to work together again and looked around for an idea.

I told Ben about a time I'd gone surfing on my own in Cornwall one October. The waves weren't doing much but still I paddled out like a frenzied halfwit - so furiously, in fact, that when I looked back, the beach and cliff were...

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