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Dave Cohen.

Making A Scene Of It competition launches

BCG Pro's Making A Scene Of It competition involves comedy writer and script editor Dave Cohen judging individual scenes from sitcoms.

He explains: "The question I am asked most often is 'how do I get an agent?' The answer is almost always 'write a brilliant script'. To which you are then perfectly entitled to ask 'what is a brilliant script?', which is not so easy to answer.

"I'm hoping to help you via this new competition, Making A Scene Of It. If you can enter a short scene from your sitcom that jumps off the page, astounds me with plot twists and makes me laugh out loud then you could be on your way."

The competition, which is open to BCG Pro members, launches on Monday 26th October, with the deadline to enter on Sunday 15th November.

Cohen will be running a daily email mailing list offering tips over the duration of the entry window.

Find out more about the competition

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