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  1. Promoter Brett Vincent on making 'drive-in' comedy a reality

    • Article
    • Production
    • 2nd July 2020

    Brett Vincent, one of the UK's most experienced comedy promoters, has setup The Drive-In Club, to help comedy fans see live comedy, despite lockdown. He talks us through the logistics of the operation in this interview.

  2. The Secret Reviewer.

    The Secret Reviewer #16: The Plus-None

    • Article
    • 1st July 2020

    Every month our clandestine critic reveals the murky truths behind that infamous trade, and live comedy generally. This month: Critics prefer solo gigging. If they'll let us.

  3. My Comedy Career: Anna Morris

    • Article
    • Performance
    • 30th June 2020

    Anna Morris is a comedian, writer and actor. You may have seen her sell-out one-woman character comedy shows at the Edinburgh Fringe; on Channel 4 in Lee And Dean; or in a multitude of hit online sketches. Here, she talks openly about her craft and career to date.

  4. Funny Women and Comedy 50:50 launch new award

    • News
    • Writing
    • 29th June 2020

    Funny Women and Comedy 50:50 are launching a new industry award to recognise the female writers of unscripted comedy, for example those who supply gags to panel shows.

  5. How to Home-Stream: Part Three

    • Article
    • Production
    • 26th June 2020

    Creating a good online show can be tricky, so we've asked comedy's new home-streaming community for their learned-the-hard-way advice. This week, stand-up and schooling with Chris Purchase and Yuriko Kotani.

  6. Funny Women Awards.

    Funny Women Stage Award 2020 finalists

    • Article
    • 23rd June 2020

    The finalists have been revealed for the Funny Women Stage Award 2020.

  7. Joz Norris. Copyright: Steve Ullathorne.

    My Comedy Career: Joz Norris

    • Article
    • 21st June 2020

    Joz Norris has been writing and performing comedy on the stage, online, on screens and on the wireless. In this in-depth interview he gives some insight into how he works.

  8. Big Red Button interview - directing as a duo

    • Article
    • Production
    • 20th June 2020

    Johnny Burns and Pier Van Tijn direct together under the name Big Red Button. Here they talk about what it's like to call the shots as a duo, and how they made the pilot La Princesa de Woking look like it was set in the 1980s.

  9. How to Home-Stream: Part Two

    • Article
    • Production
    • 19th June 2020

    Creating a good online show can be surprisingly tricky, so we've asked comedy's new home-streaming community for their at-the-coalface advice. This week, a music and comedy special with Sooz Kempner and Katie Pritchard.

  10. Here is the news: you CAN make a living writing comedy

    • Article
    • Writing
    • 18th June 2020

    Dave Cohen writes about making a living from comedy writing, and the benefits of learning how to pen topical gags.