Business Insights

This is our suite of tools for those on our Business subscription. These interactive live reports are designed to help producers and channel decision makers look into the current comedy TV and radio commissioning and production landscape.

Production Status

Detailed, in-depth data breakdowns pertaining to the latest comedy commissions in Britain, and their current production status.

  • TV, Radio & Online

    A list of television, radio and online comedy projects currently in development. See who is making what, with which production company, for which broadcaster or distributor.

  • Film

    A list of comedy film projects currently in development.

Production Status

Commissioning Reports

Detailed, in-depth data breakdowns pertaining to TV and radio comedy commissions, with breakdowns by sector, channel, year and more.

  • Channels

    Detailed breakdowns and comparisons of commissioning by channel, year-on-year. Includes all television, radio, and major online channels.

  • Production Companies

    Search through breakdowns of comedy commissions, year-on-year, by production company.

  • Years

    Detailed breakdowns and comparisons of TV and radio commissions, year-on-year.

  • Hours

    See a breakdown of original hours of comedy broadcast per channel, per year.

  • Formats

    Browse a commissioning breakdown of comedies by year, genre and broadcast medium.

Commissioning Reports