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Somethin' Else

Somethin' Else.

Somethin' Else is an audience business and a content company. For thirty years they have been obsessed with finding, engaging and growing audiences. Somethin' Else have three studios - audio, social and TV. Three approaches to production but with one audience-centric philosophy.

They make series and documentaries for TV, a wide range of shows for radio and deliver social media campaigns for huge entertainment properties and brands. Somethin' Else are also the UK's leading podcast producer and publisher and have a podcast joint venture with Sony Music Entertainment.

They are based in both London and New York.

Notable archive productions

Medium Production Broadcaster Genre Summary
Radio Paul Sinha. Paul Sinha's General Knowledge Radio 4 Stand-Up Paul Sinha tells little-known stories from as many different subject areas as he can.

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Comedy title launches

Year Medium Genre Production
2021 Radio Stand-Up Future Empire-fect
2019 Radio Sitcom Beta Female
2019 Radio Stand-Up Hugo Rifkind's Search For Power
2019 Radio Comedy Lemn Sissay's Social Enterprise
2019 Radio Comedy Live At Eleven
2019 Radio Stand-Up Paul Sinha's General Knowledge
2019 Radio Stand-Up Susan Calman Makes Me Happy
2019 Online Sitcom The Temp
2018 Radio Stand-Up Empire-ical Evidence
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