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Rook Films

Rook Films is a production company involved in British comedy.

Notable archive productions

Medium Production Broadcaster Genre Summary
Film An Evening With Beverly Luff Linn. Lulu Danger (Aubrey Plaza). An Evening With Beverly Luff Linn Film Comedy about a woman and a mysterious man from her past.
Film Happy New Year, Colin Burstead. Copyright: BBC. Happy New Year, Colin Burstead Film Comedy about a dysfunctional family New Year.
Film In Fabric. Sheila (Marianne Jean-Baptiste). In Fabric Film Comic horror in which an enchanted dress wreaks havoc on the lives of those who wear it..
Film The Greasy Strangler Film When Big Ronnie and his son Big Brayden meet lonely tourist Janet on Big Ronnie's Disco Walking Tour, a fight for Janet's heart erupts between father and son, and the infamous Greasy Strangler is unleashed.

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