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Central Independent Television

Central Independent Television, commonly known as Central, was the ITV broadcaster in the Midlands from 1982.

Central Independent Television produced comedy such as About Face and Father Charlie.

The company is no longer running and has not been producing comedy since 1999.

Notable archive productions

Medium Production Broadcaster Genre Summary
TV Barbara. Image shows from L to R: Barbara Liversidge (Gwen Taylor), Ted Liversidge (Sam Kelly). Barbara ITV Sitcom No-nonsense Yorkshire housewife Barbara Liversage imposes herself as the agony aunt and problem-solver for her extended family.
TV Woof!. Woof! ITV Sitcom Childrens' sitcom about a boy who uncontrollably changes into a dog.
TV Harry's Mad ITV Sitcom
TV Outside Edge. Image shows from L to R: Maggie Costello (Josie Lawrence), Kevin Costello (Timothy Spall), Miriam Dervish (Brenda Blethyn), Roger Dervish (Robert Daws). Copyright: Central Independent Television. Outside Edge ITV Sitcom Gentle relationship-based sitcom set around an amateur cricket club and two very different couples brought together by it.
TV The Upper Hand. Image shows from L to R: Joanna Burrows (Kellie Bright), Laura West (Honor Blackman), Charlie Burrows (Joe McGann), Tom Wheatley (William Puttock), Caroline Wheatley (Diana Weston). The Upper Hand ITV Sitcom Charlie Burrows is an ex-footballer and single father who moves to the country and takes a job as housekeeper to a successful businesswoman.
TV A Kind Of Living ITV Sitcom Trevor Beasley, a school teacher, has his head stuck firmly in the past, despite having a new house, a new job and a new baby.
TV And There's More ITV Sketch Show Sketch series showcasing the talents of Irish comic Jimmy Cricket.
TV The Other 'Arf. Image shows from L to R: Charles Latimer MP (John Standing), Lorraine Watts (Lorraine Chase). Copyright: ITV. The Other 'Arf ITV Sitcom Cockney model, Lorraine Watts indulges in an on off relationship with upper class Conservative M.P., Charles Latimer.
TV Spooner's Patch ITV Sitcom Sitcom following day-to-day life in a Metropolitan Police station under the manic supervision of Inspector Spooner.
TV Young At Heart ITV Sitcom

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Comedy title launches

Year Medium Genre Production
1995 TV Sitcom Barbara
1994 TV Sitcom Outside Edge
1993 TV Variety Freddie Starr
1993 TV Sitcom Just A Gigolo
1992 TV Stand-Up Frankie's On...
1992 TV Sketch Show Phil Cool
1991 TV Stand-Up Lenny Go Home
1991 TV Sitcom Very Big Very Soon
1989 TV Sitcom Sob Sisters
1988 TV Sitcom A Kind Of Living
1987 TV Sitcom Hardwicke House
1986 TV Sitcom Constant Hot Water
1985 TV Sitcom Mog
1984 TV Sketch Show Spitting Image
1983 TV Sitcom Cuffy
1983 TV Sitcom Good Night And God Bless
1983 TV Sitcom The Cabbage Patch
1982 TV Sitcom Dead Ernest
1982 TV Sitcom Father Charlie
1982 TV Sitcom Posh
1981 TV Sitcom Astronauts