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Celador Productions

Celador co-established by comedian Jasper Carrott has numerous comedy titles under its belt, including Jasper Carrott - Back To The Front and All About Me.

A sell-off of various assets in 2006 and subsequent restructuring have lead to the company's 2009 rebirth as CPL Productions.

Notable archive productions

Medium Production Broadcaster Genre Summary
TV Commercial Breakdown. Jasper Carrott. Copyright: Celador Productions. Commercial Breakdown BBC1 Variety Enduringly popular series in which a British comedian presents humorous television advertisements from around the world.
Radio It's Been A Bad Week Radio 2 Sketch Show Steve Punt and Hugh Dennis try to look for the poor recipient of "The Worst Week of the Week Award, Awarded Weekly, on a Week-By-Week Basis".
TV All About Me. Copyright: Celador Productions. All About Me BBC1 Sitcom Divorcees Colin and Rupinder meet and get married, they move in together and bring with them their children from previous marriages.
TV The Detectives. Image shows from L to R: Dave Briggs (Robert Powell), Bob Louis (Jasper Carrott). Copyright: Celador Productions. The Detectives BBC1 Sitcom Sitcom starring Robert Powell and Jasper Carrott as Dave Briggs and Bob Louis, the Met's most incompetent detectives.

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Comedy title launches

Year Medium Genre Production
2006 TV Sitcom Live! Girls! Present Dogtown
2005 Radio Comedy The Comedy Album Show
2002 TV Sitcom All About Me
2001 Radio Sitcom Goon Again
1999 Radio Sketch Show It's Been A Bad Week
1994 TV Stand-Up Carrott-U-Like
1993 TV Sitcom The Detectives
1989 TV Variety Commercial Breakdown