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BBC Studios

BBC Studios is a production company and distribution company involved in British comedy, founded in 2016.

BBC Studios.

Current productions

Status Medium Production Broadcaster Genre Summary
New TV Helen Fielding. Copyright: BBC. Being Bridget BBC2 Documentary Documentary about Helen Fielding's comic literary creation, Bridget Jones.
In development TV Conversations From A Long Marriage. Image shows from L to R: Wife (Joanna Lumley), Husband (Roger Allam). Copyright: BBC. Conversations From A Long Marriage Sitcom TV sitcom pilot based on the Radio 4 show of the same name.
In development TV Tom Basden. Down The Zambezi Sitcom Sitcom by Tom Basden, set in Africa.
New TV Brian Limond. Limmy's Vines BBC Scotland Comedy Limmy presents some of his favourite Vine videos.
In development TV Parental Guidance. Image shows from L to R: Roshan Parera (Romesh Ranganathan), Kate Parera (Amanda Abbington). Copyright: BBC. Parental Guidance BBC1 Sitcom TV version of Romesh Ranganathan's semi-autobiographical radio sitcom.
New Radio Radio 4. Summer Comedy Festival Radio 4 Variety A virtual festival airing across the summer on BBC Radio 4..
In development TV The Colonel Banjoko Show. Colonel Banjoko (Samson Kayo). The Colonel Banjoko Show E4 Comedy Samson Kayo presents a comedy entertainment show in character as a military dictator.
New TV Terry Pratchett - Night Watch. The Watch Comedy Drama Series based on the police force in Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels.
New Radio Things My Mother Never Told Me. Copyright: BBC. Things My Mother Never Told Me Radio 4 Chat Show Sindhu Vee talks to her guests about their mothers.
New Radio Radio 4. Your Call Radio 4 Comedy Drama A comedy about a father and daughter supporting each other during the Covid-19 lockdown.
Returning Radio Newsjack Unplugged. Copyright: BBC. Newsjack Unplugged Radio 4 Extra Sketch Show Short-form spin-off from Newsjack, featuring a monologue, new sketches and archive material.
Returning Radio Conversations From A Long Marriage. Image shows from L to R: Nick Coupe, Claire Jones, Jan Etherington, Roger Allam, Joanna Lumley. Copyright: BBC. Conversations From A Long Marriage Radio 4 Comedy Drama Joanna Lumley and Roger Allam play a couple who have been married for over 40 years.
Returning TV Famalam. Image shows from L to R: John MacMillan, Samson Kayo, Vivienne Acheampong, Gbemisola Ikumelo, Tom Moutchi, Roxy Sternberg. Copyright: BBC. Famalam BBC3 Sketch Show Sketch show starring new BAME talent.
Returning TV Inside No. 9. Image shows from L to R: Steve Pemberton, Reece Shearsmith. Copyright: BBC. Inside No. 9 BBC2 Comedy Drama Dark comedy anthology series from Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton. Each episode focuses on the goings-on around something to do with the number 9.
Returning Online Ladhood. Image shows from L to R: Addy (Aqib Khan), Craggy (Shaun Thomas), Liam (Liam Williams), Young Liam (Oscar Kennedy), Ralph (Samuel Bottomley). Ladhood BBC3 Sitcom Liam Williams writes and stars in this sitcom set across two timelines, present day London and mid-2000s Leeds.
Returning TV Mandy. Mandy (Diane Morgan). Mandy BBC2 Comedy A woman becomes obsessed with a sofa she has seen in a shop window.
Returning TV Shakespeare & Hathaway - Private Investigators. Image shows from L to R: Frank Hathaway (Mark Benton), Luella Shakespeare (Jo Joyner). Copyright: BBC. Shakespeare & Hathaway - Private Investigators BBC1 Comedy Drama Comedy drama about an oddball pair of private detectives.
Returning Radio The Infinite Monkey Cage. Image shows from L to R: Brian Cox, Robin Ince. Copyright: BBC. The Infinite Monkey Cage Radio 4 Comedy Witty, irreverent look at the world through scientists' eyes. With Professor Brian Cox and Robin Ince.
Returning Radio The News Quiz. Image shows from L to R: Nish Kumar, Angela Barnes, Andy Zaltzman. The News Quiz Radio 4 Panel Show A long-running satirical Radio 4 panel show that takes a look at the week's more humorous news stories.
Returning TV The Tuckers. Image shows from L to R: Billy Tucker (Joshua McCord), Glyn Tucker (Steve Speirs), Peggy Tucker (Lynn Hunter), Natalie Tucker (Alexandria Riley), Bobby Tucker (Ben McGregor). The Tuckers BBC1 Wales Sitcom Sitcom about a family of chancers in the Welsh valleys.
Returning Online Trying. Image shows from L to R: Nikki Newman (Esther Smith), Jason Ross (Rafe Spall). Copyright: Apple TV+. Trying Apple TV+ Comedy Drama Comedy about a young couple planning to adopt a baby.
Returning TV Two Doors Down. Image shows from L to R: Beth (Arabella Weir), Eric (Alex Norton). Copyright: BBC. Two Doors Down BBC2 Sitcom Comedy focused on Latimer Crescent residents Eric and Beth Baird, plus their neighbours and immediate family.

Notable archive productions

Medium Production Broadcaster Genre Summary
Radio Alex Edelman's Peer Group. Alex Edelman. Copyright: BBC. Alex Edelman's Peer Group Radio 4 Stand-Up Alex Edelman returns to Radio 4 for another stand-up show on millennials.
Radio Alfie Moore: It's A Fair Cop. Alfie Moore. Copyright: BBC. Alfie Moore: It's A Fair Cop Radio 4 Stand-Up Radio 4 stand-up series starring policeman turned comedian Alfie Moore.
Radio Henry Normal. Copyright: BBC. Henry Normal Radio 4 Stand-Up Radio 4 shows about family life written and performed by Henry Normal.
TV The Dog Ate My Homework. The Dog Ate My Homework CBBC Panel Show School-themed panel show for CBBC.
Radio The Missing Hancocks. Tony Hancock (Kevin McNally). The Missing Hancocks Radio 4 Sitcom Lost episodes of the legendary radio sitcom Hancock's Half Hour re-recorded with a new cast.
Online This Country. Image shows from L to R: Kerry Mucklowe (Daisy May Cooper), Lee 'Kurtan' Mucklowe (Charlie Cooper). Copyright: BBC. This Country BBC3 Sitcom Mockumentary series exploring the lives of young people in modern rural Britain.
Radio Alexei Sayle's Imaginary Sandwich Bar. Alexei Sayle. Copyright: BBC. Alexei Sayle's Imaginary Sandwich Bar Radio 4 Stand-Up Radio stand-up series starring Alexei Sayle.
Radio Life On Egg. Image shows from L to R: Ann (Karen Bartke), Harry (Harry Hill), Peter (Marek Larwood). Copyright: BBC. Life On Egg Radio 4 Sitcom Radio 4 sitcom starring Harry Hill as a prison governor.
Radio Simon Evans Goes To Market. Simon Evans. Copyright: BBC. Simon Evans Goes To Market Radio 4 Stand-Up Simon Evans presents a comic series explaining and exploring modern economics.
TV Still Open All Hours. Granville (David Jason). Copyright: BBC. Still Open All Hours BBC1 Sitcom Update of classic 1970s/80s sitcom Open All Hours, starring David Jason as Granville, now the owner of Arkwright's grocery store.
Radio Subterranean Homesick Blues. Image shows from L to R: John (Bill Nighy), Maggie (Anna Calder-Marshall). Subterranean Homesick Blues Radio 4 Comedy Drama A couple who had an affair in their youth meet up again in their 60s.
Radio The Country Girls. The Country Girls Radio 4 Comedy Drama Adaptation of the trilogy of coming-of-age novels by Irish writer Edna O'Brien..
TV Upstart Crow. Will Shakespeare (David Mitchell). Copyright: BBC. Upstart Crow BBC2 Sitcom Sitcom about the life of jobbing playwright William Shakespeare, struggling to find inspiration in Tudor London.
TV The League Of Gentlemen. Image shows from L to R: Tubbs (Steve Pemberton), Edward (Reece Shearsmith). Copyright: BBC. The League Of Gentlemen BBC2 Sitcom Royston Vasey is a grim frightening isolated Northern community where dark, perverted and horrifying things happen behind closed doors, strangers are certainly not welcome.

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Comedy title launches

Year Medium Genre Production
2020 Radio Documentary 47 Years Without A Clue: A Tribute To Tim Brooke-Taylor
2020 TV Factual Billy And Us
2020 TV Factual Billy Connolly: Life, Death And Laughter
2020 Radio Stand-Up Ellie Taylor's Safe Space
2020 Radio Factual Great Lives - Victoria Wood
2020 TV Documentary Imagine... Lenny Henry
2020 Radio Sitcom Jock
2020 Radio Sitcom Napoleon Moon
2020 Radio Panel Show Nature Table
2020 Radio Comedy Resist Phoney Encores!
2020 Radio Comedy Drama Settlers
2020 Radio Variety Summer Comedy Festival
2020 Radio Sitcom Teatime
2020 TV Sitcom The Daly Grind
2020 TV Comedy The Kemps: All True
2020 TV Comedy Drama The Watch
2020 Radio Chat Show Things My Mother Never Told Me
2020 Radio Comedy Drama Tristram Shandy: In Development
2020 Online Comedy Drama Trying
2020 Radio Stand-Up Tudur Owen: Zoo
2020 Radio Sitcom Where To, Mate?
2020 Radio Comedy Drama Your Call
2019 Radio Comedy Drama Alexei Sayle's The Absence Of Normal
2019 Radio Comedy Drama alt-delete
2019 TV Sitcom Brain In Gear
2019 Radio Comedy Candide
2019 TV Sitcom Down The Zambezi
2019 Radio Comedy Drama Embroidering The Truth
2019 Radio Comedy Drama Faking It
2019 Online Comedy Drama Good Omens
2019 Radio Sitcom Hazel Tours
2019 Radio Stand-Up Heidi Regan: Overthinker
2019 Online Sitcom Ladhood
2019 TV Comedy Mandy
2019 Radio Stand-Up Matt Rees - Happy Hour
2019 Radio Comedy Maureen & Friends
2019 Online Sketch Show Muzlamic
2019 Radio Stand-Up Olga Koch: Fight
2019 TV Documentary Python At 50: Silly Talks And Holy Grails
2019 Radio Sitcom Quiz Nite!
2019 TV Panel Show Sanjeev Kohli's Big Talk
2019 Radio Factual Simon Evans Is Right
2019 Radio Comedy Drama The Beatboxer
2019 Radio Comedy Drama The Bottle Factory Outing
2019 Radio Panel Show The Placebo Effect
2019 Radio Sitcom The Specials
2019 Online Sitcom Thick As...
2019 Radio Stand-Up Twayna Mayne: Black Women
2019 Radio Sketch Show V.I.P R.I.P
2019 Radio Comedy Drama Vanity Fair
2019 Radio Comedy Drama Winter Solstice
2018 Radio Documentary Carry On Up The Archive
2018 Online Stand-Up Comedian Rap Battles
2018 Radio Comedy Drama Conversations From A Long Marriage
2018 Radio Factual Funny From The Fringe
2018 Radio Comedy Drama Holbein's Skull
2018 TV Sitcom Hold The Sunset
2018 Radio Comedy Drama How Success Ruined Me
2018 Radio Chat Show Joe Lycett's Obsessions
2018 Radio Stand-Up Ken Cheng: Chinese Comedian
2018 Radio Sketch Show Newsjack Unplugged
2018 Radio Sitcom Phil Ellis Is Trying
2018 Radio Stand-Up Rhys James Is...
2018 TV Comedy Drama Shakespeare & Hathaway - Private Investigators
2018 TV Documentary The Secret Story Of The BBC Christmas Tapes
2018 TV Sitcom The Tuckers
2018 Online Sitcom The Young Offenders
2018 Radio Stand-Up Tom Allen Is Actually Not Very Nice
2018 Radio Stand-Up Tudur Owen: Where On Earth Is Anglesey?
2017 Radio Stand-Up Alex Edelman's Peer Group
2017 TV Sketch Show Famalam
2017 Radio Sitcom Lazy Susan: East Coast Listening Post
2017 Radio Sitcom Life On Egg
2017 TV Sitcom Mister Winner
2017 Radio Comedy Drama The Tragic History Of My Nose
2017 Online Sitcom This Country
2017 TV Sketch Show Vic & Bob's Big Night Out
2016 TV Comedy A Year In The Life Of A Year
2016 Radio Stand-Up Alexei Sayle's Imaginary Sandwich Bar
2016 Radio Stand-Up Henry Normal
2016 TV Sitcom Home From Home
2016 TV Sitcom Upstart Crow
2016 Radio Stand-Up Welcome To Wherever You Are
2015 Radio Chat Show The Tim Vine Chat Show
2014 Radio Stand-Up Alfie Moore: It's A Fair Cop
2014 TV Comedy Drama Inside No. 9
2014 Radio Stand-Up Simon Evans Goes To Market
2014 TV Panel Show The Dog Ate My Homework
2014 Radio Sitcom The Missing Hancocks
2013 TV Sitcom Still Open All Hours
2013 Radio Sitcom Tom Wrigglesworth's Hang Ups
2013 TV Sitcom Two Doors Down
2011 TV Sitcom Mrs. Brown's Boys
2009 Radio Sketch Show Newsjack
2009 Radio Comedy The Infinite Monkey Cage
2005 Radio Sitcom Ed Reardon's Week
2002 TV Sitcom Still Game
2000 Radio Sketch Show Dead Ringers
1999 TV Sitcom The League Of Gentlemen
1998 Radio Comedy The Now Show
1977 Radio Panel Show The News Quiz
Radio Stand-Up Liam Williams' Self Care
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