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ATV was a regional ITV franchise-holder operating from 1955.

The company broadcast in London at weekends until 1968 (when LWT took over), and on weekdays in the Midlands from 1956 to 68, then all week until New Year's Eve 1981.

In 1981, after a number of controversies regarding its regional programming, the company was divided, rearranged and reborn as Central Independent Television on 1st January 1982.

However, in 1994, Central was bought by Carlton (who had held a share of the company since the early 1980s), which merged with Granada in 2004 to become ITV plc.

Notable archive productions

Medium Production Broadcaster Genre Summary
TV Shine On Harvey Moon. Image shows from L to R: Harvey Moon (Kenneth Cranham), Stanley (Lee Whitlock). Shine On Harvey Moon ITV Comedy Drama Comedy drama written by Laurence Marks and Maurice Gran, about a World War II veteran rebuilding his life in post-war London.
TV The Other 'Arf. Image shows from L to R: Charles Latimer MP (John Standing), Lorraine Watts (Lorraine Chase). Copyright: ITV. The Other 'Arf ITV Sitcom Cockney model, Lorraine Watts indulges in an on off relationship with upper class Conservative M.P., Charles Latimer.
TV Spooner's Patch ITV Sitcom Sitcom following day-to-day life in a Metropolitan Police station under the manic supervision of Inspector Spooner.
TV Young At Heart ITV Sitcom
TV A Sharp Intake Of Breath. Peter Barnes (David Jason). Copyright: Associated Television. A Sharp Intake Of Breath ITV Sitcom David Jason stars as Peter Barnes, an average man forever struggling against red tape and bureaucracy.
TV The Muppet Show. Copyright: Disney Corporation. The Muppet Show ITV Sitcom Part sitcom, part sketch show, part variety; The Muppet Show features the Muppets performing their weekly variety show, with glimpses backstage.
TV Celebrity Squares. Bob Monkhouse. Copyright: Associated Television. Celebrity Squares ITV Panel Show
TV The Worker. Charlie (Charlie Drake). The Worker ITV Sitcom Charlie Drake is The Worker, a man who has had 980 jobs in 20 years - most of them for one day! He is unemployable but that doesn't stop him trying.
TV The Squirrels. Rex (Ken Jones). Copyright: Associated Television. The Squirrels ITV Sitcom Office politics can be a dirty business and, in the world of accounts at International TV Rentals, back-stabbing has become part of the daily routine.
TV A Little Bit Of Wisdom. Norman (Norman Wisdom). Copyright: Associated Television. A Little Bit Of Wisdom ITV Sitcom Incidents and accidents launch Norman Wisdom on a succession of remarkable adventures in his last starring role on TV.
TV The Kids From 47A. Copyright: Associated Television. The Kids From 47A ITV Sitcom Comedy following four children living alone without any adults.
TV My Good Woman. Image shows from L to R: Sylvia Gibbons (Sylvia Syms), Clive Gibbons (Leslie Crowther). Copyright: Associated Television. My Good Woman ITV Sitcom Clive Gibbons believes his life is falling apart but his wife, Sylvia, is the champion do-gooder of the parish and does not share his views. If only he could persuade her that charity begins at home..
TV Sunday Night At The London Palladium. Copyright: Associated Television. Sunday Night At The London Palladium ITV Variety Landmark, genre-defining variety series from the London Palladium, featuring the biggest names in British and international entertainment.
TV Girls About Town ITV Sitcom After seven years each of marriage, two thirty-something women of contrasting outlooks decide that it's high time their husbands took more notice of them.
TV The Des O'Connor Show. Des O'Connor. Copyright: Associated Television. The Des O'Connor Show ITV Variety Sketch, stand-up, music and dance with entertainer Des O'Connor.
TV George And The Dragon. Image shows from L to R: George Russell (Sid James), Gabrielle Dragon (Peggy Mount). Copyright: Associated Television. George And The Dragon ITV Sitcom Sid James stars as chauffeur George, constantly warring against formidable housekeeper Gabrielle Dragon (Peggy Mount) in the home of Colonel Maynard.
TV The Morecambe And Wise Show. Image shows from L to R: Eric Morecambe, Ernie Wise. Copyright: Associated Television. The Morecambe And Wise Show ITV Sketch Show The first successful television format for Morecambe & Wise, a familiar mixture of sketch and stand-up broadcast from 1961 by ATV.
TV Mrs. Thursday. Mrs. Thursday (Kathleen Harrison). Copyright: Associated Television. Mrs. Thursday ITV Comedy Drama Comedy drama starring Kathleen Harrison as Alice Thursday, a Cockney cleaning lady who inherits £10 million and a multinational business empire.
TV Mainly Millicent ITV Sketch Show Sketch showcase for the talents of TW3 star Millicent Martin.
TV The Arthur Haynes Show. Arthur Haynes. Copyright: Associated Television. The Arthur Haynes Show ITV Sketch Show Largely forgotten but hugely popular, long-running sketch show starring Arthur Haynes with support from Nicholas Parsons and scripts by Johnny Speight.
TV The Larkins. Image shows from L to R: Ada Larkins (Peggy Mount), Alf Larkins (David Kossoff). Copyright: Associated Television. The Larkins ITV Sitcom Early ATV sitcom starring David Kossoff and Peggy Mount as Alf and Ada Larkins, living in disorder with their son, daughter, and her American husband.
TV The Benny Hill Show. Benny Hill. Copyright: Associated Television. The Benny Hill Show ITV Sketch Show Series of ATV sketch specials broadcast between 1957 and 1960, starring and written by Benny Hill, as part of Val Parnell's Spectacular.
TV Joan Reynolds and Leslie Randall filming the series' Australian adaptation. Image shows from L to R: Joan Reynolds, Leslie Randall. Joan And Leslie ITV Sitcom Domestic sitcom starring real-life husband and wife Leslie Randall and Joan Reynolds.

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Comedy title launches

Year Medium Genre Production
1981 TV Sitcom Honky Tonk Heroes
1981 TV Sitcom Till Death....
1981 TV Sitcom West End Tales
1980 TV Stand-Up The Thoughts Of Chairman Alf At Christmas
1978 TV Sitcom A Soft Touch
1977 TV Sitcom A Sharp Intake Of Breath
1976 TV Sitcom Big Boy Now!
1976 TV Sitcom Cilla's World Of Comedy
1975 TV Sitcom Carry On Laughing
1975 TV Sitcom Cilla's Comedy Six
1975 TV Sitcom Down The 'Gate
1975 TV Sitcom For Richer For Poorer
1975 TV Sitcom Honey
1975 TV Sitcom Milk-O
1975 TV Sitcom The Truth About Verity
1975 TV Sitcom What A Turn Up
1974 TV Sitcom A Little Bit Of Wisdom
1974 TV Sketch Show Max
1974 TV Sitcom The Squirrels
1973 TV Sitcom Nobody Is Norman Wisdom
1973 TV Sitcom She'll Have To Go
1973 TV Sitcom Up The Workers
1973 TV Comedy What A Carry On!
1972 TV Sitcom My Good Woman
1972 TV Stand-Up Shut That Door!
1971 TV Sitcom Alexander The Greatest
1971 TV Sitcom Lollipop Loves Mr. Mole
1971 TV Sitcom You're Only Young Twice
1970 TV Sitcom From A Bird's Eye View
1969 TV Sitcom Girls About Town
1969 TV Sitcom John Browne's Body
1969 TV Sitcom The Best Things In Life
1969 TV Stand-Up The Frankie Howerd Show
1967 TV Sitcom My Man Joe
1967 TV Sitcom Sam And Janet
1967 TV Sketch Show The Benny Hill Show
1967 TV Sitcom Who Is Sylvia?
1966 TV Sitcom George And The Dragon
1965 TV Sitcom Porterhouse - Private Eye
1964 TV Sitcom Fire Crackers
1963 TV Sketch Show The Charlie Drake Show
1962 TV Sketch Show Two Of A Kind
1961 TV Sitcom Winning Widows
1960 TV Sitcom Arthur's Treasured Volumes
1960 TV Sitcom The Strange World Of Gurney Slade
1958 TV Sketch Show Cooper's Capers
1958 TV Stand-Up The Frankie Howerd Show
1958 TV Sitcom The Larkins
1957 TV Sketch Show The Howerd Crowd
1955 TV Sketch Show The Harry Secombe Show