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Associated Talking Pictures

Associated Talking Pictures is a production company and distribution company involved in British comedy, founded in 1933 and closed in 1938.

Notable archive productions

Medium Production Broadcaster Genre Summary
Film Feather Your Nest. Image shows from L to R: Willie Piper (George Formby), Mary Taylor (Polly Ward). Copyright: Associated Talking Pictures. Feather Your Nest Film Romantic comedy following an assistant at a record factory who needs just a small rise to afford to marry his fiancée.
Film I See Ice!. George Bright (George Formby). Copyright: Associated Talking Pictures / STUDIOCANAL. I See Ice! Film Photographer George Bright falls for an ice dancer, but finds himself unknowingly caught in a newspaper rivalry.
Film Keep Fit. Image shows from L to R: Joan Allen (Kay Walsh), George Green (George Formby). Keep Fit Film Comedy following a romantic rivalry that gets caught up between two warring newspapers' health drive.
Film Keep Your Seats, Please!. George Withers (George Formby). Copyright: Associated Talking Pictures / STUDIOCANAL. Keep Your Seats, Please! Film A large inheritance is secreted in one of a set of chairs: when they are separated for auction, intended recipient George Withers embarks on a hunt to find the valuable one.
Film Love, Life & Laughter. Eleanor 'Nellie' Gwyn (Gracie Fields). Love, Life & Laughter Film A working-class London girl catches the eye of a visiting foreign Prince, but their romance seems doomed at the hand of politics.
Film Penny Paradise. Image shows from L to R: Captain Joe Higgins (Edmund Gwenn), Pat (Jimmy O'Dea). Copyright: Associated Talking Pictures. Penny Paradise Film Poorly paid tug captain Joe Higgins gets quite a boost when his predictions up in the football pools, but not all is quite as it seems.
Film Sing As We Go!. Grace Platt (Gracie Fields). Copyright: Associated Talking Pictures. Sing As We Go! Film Comic tale of a working class girl who seeks alternative employment in Blackpool when the mill she works at closes down.
Film Trouble Brewing. Image shows from L to R: George Gullip (George Formby), Bill Pike (Gus McNaughton). Copyright: Associated Talking Pictures / STUDIOCANAL. Trouble Brewing Film An eager newspaper worker goes undercover to expose a gang of counterfeiters.
Film It's In The Air. George Brown (George Formby). Copyright: STUDIOCANAL. It's In The Air Film George causes no end of havoc at an RAF airbase when he attempts to do a good deed and is mistaken for an airman.

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Distributed films

Year Title
1934 Love, Life & Laughter
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