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One of the original ITV regional broadcasters, ABC was founded by the people behind the cinema chain of the same name.

After bidding for the London weekend broadcast licence in 1968, they were awarded the London weekday licence upon the condition that they merged with Rediffusion London, the then holder of the slot. The merger was agreed, and the two became Thames Television.

Thames lost its licence in 1992 and later merged with TalkBack Productions to become TalkbackThames, which still exists as an independent production company.

Further information including contact details for the company, can be found by viewing the TalkbackThames company page.

Notable archive productions

Medium Production Broadcaster Genre Summary
TV Never Mind The Quality, Feel The Width. Image shows from L to R: Emmanuel 'Manny' Cohen (John Bluthal), Patrick Kelly (Joe Lynch). Never Mind The Quality, Feel The Width ITV Sitcom Culture-clash comedy featuring an English Jew and an Irish Catholic tailor working in London's East End.
TV Life With Cooper. Tommy Cooper. Copyright: STUDIOCANAL. Life With Cooper ITV Sketch Show Sketch show starring Tommy Cooper, following from the popular success of Cooperama.
TV Just Jimmy. Jimmy (Jimmy Clitheroe). Copyright: ABC Television. Just Jimmy ITV Sitcom Follow-up format to That's My Boy!, focusing on the naughty schoolboy played by Jimmy Clitheroe.
TV Comedy Bandbox ITV Stand-Up Hugely successful stand-up and sketch series, starring some of the biggest names of the day as well as upcoming talent.
TV Big Night Out. Bernie Winters. Copyright: ABC Television. Big Night Out ITV Variety Popular variety series that made TV stars of Mike and Bernie Winters.
TV Candid Camera. Bob Monkhouse. Copyright: ABC Television. Candid Camera ITV Sketch Show The original prank series, based on an American format.

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Comedy title launches

Year Medium Genre Production
1968 TV Comedy Howerd's Hour
1967 TV Sitcom Daft As A Brush
1967 TV Sitcom Just Good Friends
1967 TV Sitcom Mister Misfit
1967 TV Sitcom Never Mind The Quality, Feel The Width
1967 TV Sitcom Vacant Lot
1966 TV Sketch Show Cooperama
1966 TV Sketch Show Life With Cooper
1964 TV Sitcom Just Jimmy
1964 TV Sitcom Room At The Bottom - Confessions Of A Television Producer
1964 TV Comedy The Importance Of Being Earnest
1963 TV Sketch Show Life And Al Read