Stone Clearing With Richard Herring

Stone Clearing With Richard Herring: Chapter 108

Chapter 108 Quick Fand - It's approaching 6pm on 2nd October and most of you are heading for a night out on the town, but Richard is heading for a night on the Stocean wave to clear some stones in the rain. He will be warning of how you can get sucked off out here on a night like tonight, plus how improper wiping can give you fingers like an ardent stone clearer. So be warned. He pays the price for glory seeking like some kind of Bryan Bramble and ponders on what the Ditch that Ftopped Brexit might have saved us from.

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Published: 4th October 2021.   Length: 30 minutes.   Size: 29mb

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Stone Clearing with Richard Herring.

Chapter 109

Date: 15th October 2021   Length: 27 mins   Size: 26.2mb

Chapter 109 - Path of Conkerf. It's just before 5pm on 14th October 2021 and it's a fine autumn night to visit a freshly ploughed field to clear easy stones...


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