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Sitcom Geeks: Episode 33 - Idiots

We all love Dougal, Trigger and Bubble. There is a fine traditional of idiocy in sitcoms. James and Dave talk about the joys and challenges of idiots - and how they can be surprisingly useful.

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Published: 6th October 2016.   Length: 35 minutes.   Size: 47.8mb

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Episode 34 - Hell No! That's My Show

Date: 20th October 2016   Length: 43 mins   Size: 78.3mb

Dave and James look at three First Ten Page pages, and answer some listener questions, including what happens when you switch on the TV and realise someone has got to...


Sitcom Geeks.

Episode 35 - Off the Bus, You Loser

Date: 3rd November 2016   Length: 34 mins   Size: 47.3mb

Dave and James talk about what makes a sitcom character - and the importance of familiarity, flaws and lack of self-awareness. Plus another brief appearance from the rodents.


Sitcom Geeks.

Episode 37 - It's All A Plot

Date: 1st December 2016   Length: 44 mins   Size: 60mb

In this episode, Dave and James return to the pain and pleasure (and many other p's) of plotting. Plus two 'First Ten Pages'.


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