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Sitcom Geeks: Episode 140 - Galton, Simpson and Pixar Returns

Last minute tips for ensuring you send your best work to the BBC Galton & Simpson bursary competition, news of more contests and fabulous prizes (Prizes!), and learn from the best as Dave and James dissect Pixar's comedy rules 12-22.

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Published: 21st May 2020.   Length: 65 minutes.   Size: 89.6mb

Show Notes

BCG Pro (The code SitcomGeeks gets you £5 off)

BBC Galton & Simpson Bursary (deadline: 5th June 2020)

BCG Pro's Yellow Door Script Call (deadline: 12th June 2020)

BCG Pro Talent Awards (deadline: 31st July 2020)

Sitcom Mission (deadline: 2nd August)

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