Richard Herring: Talking Cock

Richard Herring: Talking Cock: Episode 8

Epenisode 8 - 0898 chat line - The Talking Cock tour is over halfway through now so only a few more rod-masts to cum. And this week Richard turns his Herring's Eye to choking the Chihuahua, flogging the log, draining the sluices, priming the glue-gun, learning to love yourself, decorating the bedroom ceiling, taking the horn by the bull (that one doesn't even make sense), or as it's commonly known Mass debating. There's time for the history of masturbatory opposition (including religious, scientific and breakfast cereal manufacturers), claimed side-effects and why straining your salami might be the ultimate celebration of personal freedom. There's a poem and a story about having sex with a dragon fruit (pictured) and Rich starts to wonder exactly which direction his career is going.

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Published: 17th April 2013.   Length: 29 minutes.   Size: 26.49mb

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