Richard Herring: Talking Cock

Richard Herring: Talking Cock: Episode 10

Epenisode (trouser) 10(t) - Three's A Crowd! - The Talking Cock tour is nearly over, with just a dozen or so opportunities to see the show live (though the DVD will be out on in the summer) and Rich is looking into the subject of group sex and threesomes, something that he spent the first 40 years of his life dreaming of (yes even when he was a baby) but which seemed unlikely to ever happen to him. You can find out whether the men who answered his questionnaire were more lucky and whether it turned out to be a good idea for those who were. And Rich then read part of his book How Not To Grow Up! (available from all good booksellers and some Poundlands) which details what happened when his own dreams came true.

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Published: 8th May 2013.   Length: 28 minutes.   Size: 26.15mb

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