Richard Herring's Meaning Of Life

Richard Herring's Meaning Of Life: Extra - Full Marcus Chown interview

RHMOL - Special Extra. For this month only, here's the full interview with physicist Marcus Chown which will usually only be available to people who subscribe to the video or audio from Go Faster Stripe. With a mind-bending discussion that ranges from Quantum theory to the implications of an infinite Universe to whether creation was similar to masturbating in a bath. Do scientists already know the truth about everything and are just stretching it out so they can keep selling books? How did something so small contain all the matter in the Universe? What was there before the Big Bang? It's illuminating, confusing and hilarious by turns. You might actually learn something.

You can watch the free video of this show at or subscribe to the full-length show with the whole interview and lots more stand-up at (available in audio only for £6 or audio and video in SD and HD for £15). Or support this project with a one-off or monthly donation in return for a badge on the same page. All the money will go towards making more internet content (including hopefully a monthly video version of AIOTM). Monthly subscribers will also have access to another channel with extra and exclusive content.

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Published: 10th March 2014.   Length: 37 minutes.   Size: 33.99mb

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Richard Herring's Meaning Of Life.

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Richard Herring's Meaning Of Life.

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Richard Herring's Meaning Of Life.

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Richard Herring's Meaning Of Life. Image shows from L to R: Richard Herring, Lance Workman.

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Richard Herring's Meaning Of Life.

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