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Edinburgh 2019 - Rich Wilson & Sarah Kendall

Edinburgh #16: Nagasaki Spider-man. There's so much controversy over Joke of the Fringe that Richard can't work out what to think. Luckily he has guests to do his thinking for him - Rich Wilson and Sarah Kendall. With Rich that chat revolves around why you should never follow the advice of Rob Rouse, what happens when you pretend to be gay so you can work in a gay sauna, why talking a bit might help men's mental health and honesty in comedy. With Sarah things get giddy as the pair try to work out if they are actually alive, how Victorians coped with mortality, the best place to sit on a plane and how brilliant Bryony Kimmings is. Richard finds this one the funniest of the run so far.

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Published: 21st August 2019.   Length: 60 minutes.

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