RHLSTP with Richard Herring: RHLSTP 380 - Rosie Holt

#380 Hinge Cringe - Richard has visited Paddington's house and avoided using the toothbrushes, but is more excited about one of Paddington's neighbours. His guest is online sensation Rosie Holt. They discuss why Rosie moved from acting to comedy, how her videos went viral, whether it's good or bad that people (both stupid and clever) fail to spot that they are a joke, why subtlety is required to mock today's unsatirisable politicians, an unsettling experience with a dating app, what motivates men to send unsolicited dick pics and why is that not illegal? Plus are the posh unfairly maligned and how easy is it to play a trombone. Less flower arranging tips that I'd hoped for.

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  • Published: 18th May 2022
  • Length: 65 mins

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