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RHLSTP 276 - Aisling Bea

#276 Bill Murray's Irish Sister. Richard is still buzzing from last week's podcast. Thank God we only do one a week, or imagine having to follow that! But he has news of his disappointing parenting to move us onwards. His guest is the incredible writer, actor and comedian, Aisling Bea, who didn't realise that she was being filmed last time she was on. They chat about working with Paul Rudd; fearing being spied on from above; the incredible outdated sexual politics of How I Met Your Mother; how last minute you can be writing a script; and how sweet it must be being on Taskmaster. There's also some confusion about the lift question and some fierce debate over whether the Coughing Major cheated or not. Plus an insight into Aisling's incredible showbiz life.

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Published: 20th May 2020.   Length: 70 minutes.


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