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RHLSTP 266 - Bethany Black

#266 Bigger on the Inside Richard is back at the Manchester Podcast Festival and rolling out a 20 year-old joke about the Magic Bus. His guest this week is actor and comedian Bethany Black. They discuss the no-man's land between regular and Celebrity Chase; what it's like to be a huge fan of Doctor Who and getting to be on the show and witness two Time Lords in one Tardis; plus the motivations to become a stand-up; how she was too poor to become bankrupt; how she managed to wrestle victory at the end of a terrible year; and the smorgasbord of problems that Beth has to draw on for comedy; whether it's got easier or harder to be Trans; and how discussing mental illness in her routines is a helpful thing for us all. It's an honest and heart-felt conversation, but will that stop the toilet obsessed trolls? Probably not.

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Published: 13th March 2020.   Length: 67 minutes.


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