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RHLSTP 219 - Do The Right Thing

RHLSTP #219: Do The Right Thing - Knowing Your Own Dad's Smell. Richard chats with a therapist and a photographer in the front row before bringing on his triumvirate of guests, Danielle Ward, Michael Legge and Margaret Cabourn-Smith, otherwise known as the Do The Right Thing podcast. They discuss celebrity snogs and failed celebrity snogs; the attempt to move their podcast to TV; what happens when you meet your dad in a dark room (not photography based); giving birth to the children of Tiny Andrew Collings; why Richard will probably never be a successful actor; and a lot about death. Plus some tributes to shared producer Ben, and is it better to podcast for free than be a highly paid TV star?

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Published: 10th July 2019.   Length: 64 minutes.


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