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RHLSTP 217 - Adrian Chiles

RHLSTP #218: Adrian Chiles - Exiting Stourbridge Multi-Storey Car Park. RHLSTP comes to Birmingham Town Hall and the biggest audience Richard has ever performed to (outside of charity gigs) with over 1000 people in attendance. Blimey. Richard and Adrian discuss failing an interview for MI5, the rollercoaster ride of hosting (and watching) The One Show, what people say to you when you were once on TV but aren't so much now, an horrific childhood accident, an unrequested story about having a wet dream and why God lets bad things happen to good people. Plus if you watch the video version you can see the show being signed and see a lot of rude things being acted out by some nice ladies. Do come and see the show on tour if you can - amazing reception from the unfortunate people of Brum.

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Published: 26th June 2019.   Length: 83 minutes.


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