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RHLSTP 202 - Jon Ronson

RHLSTP #202: Jon Ronson - Alex Jones (Not That One)'s Simon Cowell. Richard reveals all the changes that are happening with the podcast, plus what RHLSTP now stands for (and he's not happy) before introducing the first guest of the new London based series, Jon Ronson. They discuss giving up internal organs for Jesus; Jon's part in the election of Donald Trump; how understanding data is the key to ruling the modern world, what it's like to visit a porn shoot; why people want to have sex with their step-siblings; the insanity of pile-on social media; and hypocrisy of humanity and whether the world can survive the internet revolution. Includes NO Emergency Questions.

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Published: 13th March 2019.   Length: 66 minutes.


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RHLSTP 203 - Emily Atack

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RHLSTP #203: Emily Atack - Not Harry Redknapp. Richard reveals his plan to have Thin Rich host the last podcast of this series. But will he succeed or obviously fail?...


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