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Richard Herring's Leicester Square Theatre Podcast: RHLSTP 182 - Mark Steel

RHLSTP #182: Mark Steel - Cunt or Wanker. It's the end of the series and Rich wonders how tourists in Kings Cross will feel if their last action on earth is to queue to stand by a fictional wall. His guest is a man who has a lot of stories about how he got into comedy, it's Mark Steel. They chat about eating pork pies with Joseph Heller, helping failed escapologists, an idea for a brand new Radio 4 panel show, whether you can stand for political office and still be a comedian, the extraordinary story of Mark's birth parents, what it's like having a child going into comedy, and getting your own back on a snooty Darwin expert. It's a fabulous end to what has surely been the best series yet. Will the commissioners bring the show back? Yes of course they will - more in September (and a couple of specials coming out before then too).

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Published: 6th June 2018.   Length: 77 minutes.   Size: 106mb


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