RHLSTP with Richard Herring: RHLSTP 153 - Rachel Parris

RHLSTP #153: Rachel Parris - Oh Jesus I Have Promised. Rich is confused and amazed by horses and apparently alone in being troubled by the lyrics to the new Stereophonics song, but he has a more skilled musician, improviser and ex-Christian rocker on hand to dig him out of his exhausted new-parent hole, it's Rachel Parris. They chat about obscure advertising jingles, how to improvise entire Jane Austen stories, the excitement of sitting on a 'celebrity's' toilet, usurping elderly organists, emailing the Samaritans, who's who (or anyone) in Game Of Thrones, poo wrangling and funky hymns.

Check out Parris and Austentatious tour dates and her YouTube channel

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  • Published: 8th November 2017
  • Length: 72 mins
  • Size: 98.7mb


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