RHLSTP with Richard Herring

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RHLSTP with Richard Herring - which launched under the title Richard Herring's Leicester Square Theatre Podcast - is an award-winning series in which Richard Herring chats with some of the biggest names in comedy. Stephen Fry, Steve Coogan, Russell Brand, Sarah Millican, David Mitchell are amongst the many comedy stars to have been interviewed across the hundreds of episodes made to date.

Previous episodes

Richard Herring's Leicester Square Theatre Podcast. Image shows from L to R: Tim Minchin, Richard Herring.

RHLSTP 1 - Tim Minchin

8th May 2012.   82 minutes.

The podcast with the most unwieldy acronym yet RHLSTP (rhlstp) starts with a bang with flame-haired multi-talented genius Tim Minchin chatting about self-penetration, bad reviews, whether Karma has payback and...