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RHLSTP 8 - Stewart Lee

Lee and Herring are back together, but they're old and chilled and less likely to talk about moons and sticks and all the other catchphrases that they used to do that they are now too addled to remember. There's some serious chats about comedy, but also some stupid stuff about being wanked off by the hand of a 100 year old ventriloquist dummy, egg obsessed crows and whether a satirist can accept an honour from the Queen.

Cluub Zarathustra, a 1987 pact about what not to do in comedy, Jerry Springer and the changing status of the character Stewart Lee who is not the same as Stewart Lee also figure. But who smashed the kitchen cupboard doors in Edinburgh 2002? Will we ever know? No.

It's chilled and relaxed and there are no rods of effluent, but I think you might like it. Hope so.

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Published: 20th June 2012.   Length: 85 minutes.   Size: 39.60mb

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