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RHLSTP 73 - Robin Ince

RHLSTP #73: Robin Ince - Punching a Watermelon with the Face of Vernon Kay. Richard concludes the story of his disastrous romantic break with his wife and gives away an exclusive RHLSTP mug to one of the RHLSTP mugs. His guest is Britain's premiere John Peel/Oliver Hardy/Stewart Lee impressionist, Robin Ince. They discuss the autobiographies of Don Estelle and Syd Little, how Robin created The Office, a swearing Su Pollard, Iain Lee on a pink tricycle, the funniest serial killer and being the Giant Sand of comedy. Richard also quizzes about his decision to (at least temporarily) give up stand-up. It would be a shame. He's very funny. Having said that, he does seem to be in a very happy mood so why ruin that? Buy tickets for Richard's ridiculous attempt to perform all 12 of his solo shows

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Published: 12th August 2015.   Length: 78 minutes.   Size: 108.5mb


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