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RHLSTP 5 - Charlie Brooker

This weekend Rich has been working with 88 year-old Nicholas Parsons and Charlie has been working with 81 year old William Shatner, but now they've ditched the octogenarians to create this long and fairly filthy podcast. They chat about the humiliation of losing a BAFTA to Stewart Lee, what order you should have sex with the women from the Russian entry to the Eurovision song contest, the vengeance Rich wishes upon Charlie's young family and who Dominic West should really have been thanking. Plus some terrific tips for terrorists and some obscure stuff about archaic adverts and 50 year-old spoilers... It goes on for ages. But that can only be a good thing. In fact it might never end. It might still be happening now... Doesn't matter. We are all just a collection of atoms and everything we do is meaningless. Enjoy!

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Published: 29th May 2012.   Length: 100 minutes.   Size: 45.64mb

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