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RHLSTP 58 - Milton Jones

RHLSTP #58: Milton Jones - Kids Writing Set. Richard is excited about having been shopping for his as-yet-unborn child and having seen a daring theft from Pret a Manger and is freaked out to think that although recorded in November 2014 this podcast will go out on the cusp of 2015 - the future! His guest is high-haired, loud-shirted gagsmith Milton Jones. They discuss killer heckles and when gigs go wrong, more obscure 1970s TV shows, the Men's Health Abs Challenge and how many people remember the show Planet Mirth. There's some more serious talk about charity work in Uganda which makes it hard to segue back into cock-based questions. But that doesn't stop Richard trying.

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Published: 3rd January 2015.   Length: 69 minutes.   Size: 94.8mb


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