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RHLSTP 57 - Michael Legge

RHLSTP #57: Michael Legge - Spreading All Your Nits About. For the first time in RHLSTP history, a guest has been unable to make the recording at the last minute. Al Murray had to drop out due to illness and so Rich was forced to find a new guest who could get to central London in an hour. And that guest was Michael Legge - no, not the one from the film Angela's Ashes or the blind or deaf Hereford-based massage therapist. The one from the Bollings and Nerrin Podcast. I can only apologise. But it turns out that the podcast might be even better with no preparation (ha, as if there's any anyway) and last second bookings cos Michael has funny stories about how he copes with people playing music on the bus, falling out with Robin Ince, Richard's inability to clap, and why he won't eat stuff that's come out of an animal. And there's more serious chat about the rise of the new-sexism in comedy and an almost entirely successful comedy of nostalgia about a show that nobody in the audience seems to have heard of. It gets awkward and weird, but they push through that and find some funny stuff again. He's no Al Murray and he might not even be the Michael Legge that you're thinking of, but he was the best we could do in the time available.

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Published: 24th December 2014.   Length: 92 minutes.   Size: 126.6mb


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