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RHLSTP 44 - Jon Ronson

RHLSTP #44: Jon Ronson - Gaybomb. An almost imperceptibly slimmer than the beginning of the series Richard Herring takes the stage to find a slightly sinister pair of men in the front row. What do they do? Do we really want to know? No, because the guest this week is journalist, screen-writer and broadcaster Jon Ronson who is a man with some good stories. Find out what happened when he met the politically correct arm of the KKK, was outed as a Jewish man whilst with jihadists in Crawley, how he went UFO Spotting with Robbie Williams, was chased by the Bilderberg group's less expert henchmen and how being keyboardist for Frank Sidebottom led to him writing his latest film. Also what was in Stanley Kubrick's archive, visiting a dado-masochist porn set and being confused with Louis Theroux. Plus Jon comes armed with his own emergency question, which to be honest Richard totally nails.

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Published: 9th May 2014.   Length: 73 minutes.   Size: 100.2mb


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