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RHLSTP 40 - Danny Baker

RHLSTP #40: Danny Baker - I Don't Need A Receipt, Chaz. Richard is still recovering from his important educational work on International Women's Day, but luckily he isn't going to be taxed by having to speak very much, because his guest is the loquacious and unsinkable Danny Baker. In a show overflowing with content you will find out, amongst much else, about a laserdisc signed by David Bowie, how Danny's amazing dad took umbrage with Harry Enfield, where talcum powder comes from, how to go to Hawaii with no money in the bank and how surviving cancer taught Danny nothing. Is Baker responsible for Bob Marley's demise? Is having no ambition or plan the key to showbiz success? Can you do a consumer affairs programme if you have sympathy with the villains? Is there any point in me trying to list all the stuff that happened? Baker is an amazing force of nature. This one could have gone on for days.

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Published: 12th April 2014.   Length: 75 minutes.   Size: 102.75mb


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