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Richard Herring's Edinburgh Fringe Podcast: 2013 #25: Jason Manford and Wayne Mazadza

RHEFP 2013 #25: Jason Manford and Wayne Mazadza - The Final Curtain? After 75 mostly audible hours of entertainment Richard is hanging up his badger sporran and relinquishing his monarchy of Edinburgh for the last time. And he's going out in style with a man who has had lunch with Gino and Mel, Jason Manford. They chat about gate-crashing Ramadan, how to crash a car, having sex with a Dalek (for old time's sake) and how the Stig saved Manford's life. Plus growing up in the Triangle of Death, what happens when a logger meets a logger and mentoring Jack Carroll from Britain's Got Talent. Is it easier to entertain the troops or the Taliban. Find out in this last ever RHEFP! With groceries, champagne and Scotch money on offer as prizes for the winner of the competition. With stand-up from The Stand barman and future star Wayne Madadza. Thanks to everyone at The Stand for all the help and a wonderful month. Shall we do it again next year? Buy something from or sponsor Rich at if you've enjoyed the last 3 years and over 3 solid days of entertainment. Goodbye Edinburgh 2013. It's been a blast.

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Published: 26th August 2013.   Length: 58 minutes.   Size: 53.80mb

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