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Richard Herring's Edinburgh Fringe Podcast. Richard Herring

Richard Herring's Edinburgh Fringe Podcast: 2013 #20: Mark Thomas, Rob Delaney and Chris Stokes

RHEFP 2013 #20: Mark Thomas, Rob Delaney and Chris Stokes - Pointless. Rich is a little weary and struck down by awards day depression and annoyed by journalists spotting themes from too small a selection of shows and top 10 joke competitions. He also has a theory about what might have happened to Colin. His guests are a busy (and slightly late) Mark Thomas, who is dashing around Edinburgh like a (living) blue-arsed fly protesting and demoing and being active. He chats about the shows he has seen, whilst Rich has just been watching telly, and disses Rich's Pick N Mix protests and lack of ambition. But is interested to hear who will be looking after today's racists when they are old. Stand-up comes from Chris Stokes, who was not sexually harassed during the show whatever he tells you or the police. Then bearded American Rob Delaney comes on to chat about board games, pubic trimming, how to react to award nominations and how Wikipedia can get things wrong. A rare (for this Fringe) clumsy and awkward day from Rich, but the guests are terrific so you'll still enjoy it.

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  • Published: 21st August 2013
  • Length: 67 mins
  • Size: 52.17mb

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