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Richard Herring's Edinburgh Fringe Podcast: 2013 #09: Omid Djalili, Ben Moor and Michael J Dolan

RHEFP 2013 #9: Omid Djalili, Ben Moor and Michael J Dolan - Positivity. Richard is excited by the news of pregnant pandas in Edinburgh zoo and has a suspicion who the father may be, but there's not time to hang around, with two guests who both appeared in the Heath Ledger film, Casanova. First up is the upside-down banana eater and Rich's 2013 flat mate Ben Moor. They chat about Keith Allen sabotaging the Oxford Revue 1988, Planet Mirth and stamped on Twixes, before Ben dashes off to appear in his fabulous one man show, Each of Us. Then after some fine stand-up from Michael J Dolan, second guest Omid Djalili talks about being the new Nadim Sawalha, a fat Picasso and what it's like stepping into the shoes of God (or Morgan Freeman anyway) and how Oliver Reed grabbing his balls indirectly led to him one day getting a free takeaway. Also find out how to steal a bottle of wine, Herring style.

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  • Published: 9th August 2013
  • Length: 57 mins
  • Size: 52.76mb

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