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Richard Herring's Edinburgh Fringe Podcast: 2012 #25: Rumpel, Orbax and Pepper, Keir McAllister

EPISODE 50: Freaks and Geeks - Rumpel, Orbax and Pepper and Keir McAllister. The Fringe is over and Richard is winding down like a non-Duracell bunny. There's a definite end of term atmosphere and some literal clock-watching, but there's still much to entertain - even if it is mostly visual. Kangaroo King Rumpel returns after last year's bizarre appearance and this year he is dressed up and spouting pearls of wisdom from amongst the madness. Crikey! Then Oryx and Crake (not their real names) the Canadian freakshow double-act come up to get their 25th consecutive daily photo with Herring. They stay for a chat about terrible injuries and bifurcated tongues and put cutlery in unusual bodily orifices. Keir McAllister provides the stand-up. Thanks to and everyone at the Stand for the terrific support. Richard will be touring his cock round the UK over the next few months and is doing more Leicester Square Theatre podcasts from October!

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Published: 28th August 2012.   Length: 59 minutes.   Size: 54.29mb

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