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Richard Herring's Edinburgh Fringe Podcast: 2012 #01: Sarah Kendall and Iszi Lawrence

2012 #1: The Return of the King - Sarah Kendall and Iszi Lawrence. Edinburgh has only been going a day and Richard Herring is already exhausted, tired enough to attempt to instigate a rebellion against the Fringe Jesus, Stewart Lee. But is he serious? No one seems entirely sure, least of all Herring. But he's back with tales of Badmington cheating and lift etiquette and his greatest comedy moment, Harold Pucksa: The Man Who Can Only Live in a Vacuum. His guest is ex-Fringe flatmate and Comedy Award nominee Sarah Kendall who has tales of what happens when you Dirty Dance in a kitchen and her husband's athletic antics whilst she gave birth. Richard reveals what he did to an Amy Pond costume at the Dr Who exhibition in Cardiff and keeps us up-to-date with all the latest news on the 1988 series of Going for Gold. A Scottish man in the front row drinks half a bottle of wine in the hour, whilst under the influence of opiates from an operation. Richard receives his first Talking Cock review during the show too. Surely this can only end in crying. With stand-up from Iszi Lawrence.

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Published: 2nd August 2012.   Length: 60 minutes.   Size: 52mb

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Richard Herring's Edinburgh Fringe Podcast 2011.

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