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Richard Herring's Edinburgh Fringe Podcast: 2011 #24: Isy Suttie and Andrew O'Neill

Richard has now been talking to comedians for 24 hours - it'll take you a whole day to listen. And there's one more to come. Hopefully our technical gremlins are behind us and after 10 gigs in 2 days Rich had an early night. And though he apparently looks like a tramp he is in good spirits. Made better by the fact that his guest is Isy Suttie, from off of that scene in the stationery cupboard in Peep Show (if you don't know what Peep Show is or what TV is, that all gets explained in the podcast - though we forgot to explain what a podcast is, sorry). You'll find out what happens when you don't put helium in your balloon, how celebrity death can wreck a comedy routine and if a member of Pink Floyd stole Isy's guitar. Top drawer stand-up from Andrew O'Neill. There's only one more to go.

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Published: 28th August 2011.   Length: 62 minutes.   Size: 56.83mb

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Richard Herring's Edinburgh Fringe Podcast 2011. Image shows from L to R: Richard Herring, Adam Buxton.

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