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2011 #22: Phil Nichol and Markus Birdman (Lost Podcast)

Due to a recording error we only had a very speeded up and corrupted recording. We have slowed it down, but you will probably only want to listen if you are a completist. This is what was in it though: Phil Nichol and Markus Birdman - It's a small crowd and Rich is a bit sluggish again, but when talk moves on to pleasuring oneself at disaster sites things perk up. Phil Nichol is on hand to talk about how it is to win awards and whether they should exist, people having sex in public places and what got him into comedy. Rich is looking back at 2008 and when rib tickling turned to rib cracking and Phil introduces us to a street performer who may be real or might be just in his imagination called Rumpel (we'll find out tomorrow as he's going to be a guest on the show). Stand-up provided by Markus Birdman and today's episode sponsored by Genna Delaney's jewellery.

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Published: 26th August 2011.   Length: 70 minutes.   Size: 63.78mb

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