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2011 #21: Paul Provenza and Joe Lycett

A late night performing at the awesome Set List gig has left Richard both tired and exhilarated and fittingly he's talking to the producer of that show, Paul Provenza. He has tales of how a lazy eye got him into comedy, the genesis of his film The Aristocrats and the differences between American and British stand-up. It's quite a scholarly look at the comedy business and the mindset of comedians, but there's plenty of funnies too, including how far Paul will go to deal with a heckler - it is a long way! Rich has a story of trying to intervene in an assault in 1987 and there's some mention of high-backed armchairs. See if you can spot the moment where Rich actually nearly fell asleep (due to late night and hangover rather than the conversation taking a dull turn). Stand-up from the sausage and bean loving future superstar Joe Lycett.

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Published: 25th August 2011.   Length: 60 minutes.   Size: 54.70mb

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