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Richard Herring's Edinburgh Fringe Podcast: 2011 #11: Sarah Millican and Sara Pascoe

Rich starts the podcast wearing his crown, to the confusion of most of the audience who are only here to see Edinburgh darling Sarah Millican, but he has a go at talking to them anyway about a cock-based viral advertising campaign and why multi-millionaires must never drink water. But then relief all round as Millican comes on to discuss P Diddy, flaps, the misogyny of Richard Herring and her rise to superstardom. Is that sexual tension or just awkwardness in the room? Rich realises he is unable to distinguish the two things and may, in fact, only have experienced the latter. Back to Edinburgh 97 for tales of nudity and humiliation for Richard and eschewing show-biz for Sarah. Then Sara Pascoe does the five minute set, followed by the quiz in which you learn, amongst other things, Sarah Millican's bra size. Surely all shows would be improved by the addition of the King of Edinburgh. Wouldn't they?

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Published: 14th August 2011.   Length: 59 minutes.   Size: 54.10mb

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Richard Herring's Edinburgh Fringe Podcast 2011. Image shows from L to R: Ian Boldsworth, Richard Herring.

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