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2011 #04: Andy Zaltzman and The Behemoth

Two shows a day is already taking its toll on Richard who like a bumbling Mr Bean is spilling water and losing prizes all over the shop this episode. Let's hope he's not ill. He's fresh from dual embarrassments in the jacuzzi at the swimming pool and astonished about the new nickname that he has somehow acquired that has been sweeping the Fringe. He has no idea why everyone is calling him the King of the Fringe, and as flattered as he is that that's what people are saying he hopes it won't catch on. It's not fair to the other performers. Including today's guests, the clown haired satirist Andy Zaltzman and the double act The Behemoth. There's chat about the London riots, fan grooming, being the less successful one in a double act and whether heckles have a sell by date. And then Andy saves the day by coming up with a great unprompted anecdote to fill the final five minutes of the show.

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Published: 7th August 2011.   Length: 57 minutes.   Size: 53.08mb

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